About Me

Quick Facts

Agency Experience

I have worked with companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Due North Communications and Engine Room Creative in Toronto, between the year 1997 to 2001.

From April 2012 to October 2014 I was in an agency-like environment while working for Valecraft Homes, where my role included both Graphic Designer as well Art Director.

From May 2016 to present I have been on contract with Xerox in the DocCentre studio at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The high standards of the DocCentre inspires me to always strive to be better than the day before. It has been a wonderful opportunity to design everything from literature and information pieces to posters and infographics – whether they are information for seniors wanting to age in place, First Nations housing, telling community success stories or more. I have learned how to make InDesign files into Accessible PDFs for the visually impaired or blind. I am proud and love the fact that I am helping people across Canada through the work I am doing for CMHC.


Creative Experience

I have always been creative and felt a need to express it. Drawing on walls and mirrors evolved into a life long love of art. The day I discovered graphic design was life changing, and I love it so much that I design for fun and use it to showcase the other types of art I create.

I’m professional but I have a healthy sense of humour and I love any opportunity to make life more fun or silly. Better yet, I love to incorporate my fun or silly ideas into my art.

When I create personal projects for myself or for my friends, they usually include some type of bizarre or dark humour. I love seeing their reactions to my personal projects, such as my 2015 ‘Karendar’ which is a 12 month calendar featuring a twisted take on food photography. This and other samples can be found in my Bēhance account found here: behance.net/kwhitbread


Other Facts

I have a horse named Ginger and ride her in both Western and English disciplines. I also have been a member of an unofficial ‘musical ride’ drill team.

I enjoy running and have run five half marathons, as well as numerous ten kilometre and five kilometre races. Since my pacing is so consistent, I have volunteered as a group leader with the Running Room and help other runners achieve their running goals.

I also enjoy the challenge of orienteering. There’s nothing better than getting lost in the woods with a compass and a map only to find yourself again.

I appreciate the outdoors, nature and travelling. I consider myself athletic and am always happy to try new things.

In my final year of High School, I was given permission by my teachers to go to Toronto so I could learn and help in the Art Studio at Saatchi & Saatchi for a week in November and again in March. Even though I worked long hours I found the experience amazing. This is when I knew I had discovered what I wanted to do as a career.

If you would like to meet me in person, please contact me at 613.282.4966 or karen@kwhitbread.ca