Ottawa Hash House Harriers (OH3)

Ottawa Hash House Harriers (OH3) (Pro-Bono)

I have been doing pro-bono Graphic Design for this social running club since 2011. The designs are always fun and nothing can ever be too far ‘outside of the box’. I have had the pleasure of designing in both print and for clothing for various events.

As you will see in the samples below, I redesigned the club’s logo as well as designed a number of articles for this clients’ specific special events, some of which are shown below. Most recently, I have created designs for t-shirts, bags, neck tubes and name tags for participants’ lanyards for all club special events.

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InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Above are some samples I designed for the annual event called “WinterRude” 2012.
I created a new logo for the event in 2012 to incorporate on t-shirts, adhesive name tags and personalized lanyard keepsake card. The back of the t-shirt has all the participants’ nick-names surrounding the club’s acronym.

In 2013 I used the logo in a design I created for a multiuse ‘buff’, which ended up being quite popular and sold out in record time (images to be uploaded soon).

In 2014 I designed another “WinterRude” logo to be embroidered on mittens as well as used on personalized lanyard keepsake card as seen below.

Above is a logo I designed for the annual event called “Red Dress Run” in 2012. The event, which is now world wide, is celebrated differently in each city or country and had originated in California by a woman who they called ‘Lady In Red’. This run is just for fun where all hashers wear a red dress and raise money for a local charity. Since 2012 was the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I thought it might be fun to incorporate the two ideas in the design. I designed a logo for the event to incorporate on t-shirts, tank tops and personalized lanyard keepsake card.

By 2013 the club was celebrating the 1500th run on the same day as the Red Dress Run. A medieval theme was chosen, so I designed a logo in the form of a crest as shown below. It was incorporated on t-shirts, tank tops and personalized lanyard keepsake card.
In 2014 the club wanted a simpler theme and design, so I designed a logo to incorporate on hats and personalized lanyard keepsake card as well as for future use.

Laffter is a biannual event that takes place in both summer and winter. I have designed the logo and numerous personalized lanyard keepsake cards for the different themes since 2011.